With the recent release of Flutter 2, web is now a stable target for Flutter apps opening a new door for developers to create beautiful websites. This will be a basic guide to automatic deployment of Flutter websites and web apps using GCP Cloud Build, Storage, and Cloudflare.

By following this guide, your app will be automatically published when you git push to your repository’s master branch. This simplifies deployment, and even pushes Flutter to be viable as a static site generator (in the same vein as Hugo). As an example, I will be deploying the placeholder website shown below…

In this post I will present my take on the recent trend in Zettelkasten note taking applications, spearheaded by Roam Research. I will using the open-source alternative Athens Research (currently in beta) as a case study. This post will be easier to understand if you have some familiarity with these kinds of note-taking apps, though it shouldn’t be necessary.

I’ll start off with a story. Imagine — in the midst of an idle daydream — you’ve just been struck with an idea; a stunning analogy between programming and rock climbing. An idea so fresh that your mind is still formulating…

Elliot Sayes

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